Team Nogueira Bloise Academy Reviews

  • Our son has been coming here for over a year now, first with the Little Champs and now Junior Champs. We have only had a positive experience and highly recommend Team Nog to people of all ages. The instructors are great with the kids and the classes are structured to keep them focused and energized! We love coming here and enjoy seeing the progress our son has made!

    Marissa S.
  • Excellent instructors and classes! Classes are well laid out and each technique is thoroughly explained and demonstrated. Everyone helps everyone. It's clean and plenty of classes are available to fit your schedule. I can't say enough good things about it! I've been to 5 BJJ classes so far and I'm addicted. I already feel 100 times more confident in my abilities to diffuse and/or protect myself in a bad situation. It's exciting learning the process and growing more confident and mentally stronger with each class. Highly, highly recommend their BJJ classes!! You don't have to be super strong and fit, you just have to have the will and disciple of showing up to class to learn. Thank you for your great instruction!

    Gwen B.
  • This Team is 1000% FIVE STARS! Ironically the only ones who “don’t recommend” have no comment as to why! I have seen this establishment show such dedication to EVERYONE as part of their FAMILY! I have single-handedly witnessed the most humble characteristics in Master Wald and his BEAUTIFUL wife! This place is not only welcoming and professional and personal, the ones involved in classes are better human beings because of what they have learned in being associated with such an amazing group of people! I am an outsider and have seen the changes and thorough enjoyment from three people that I know personally involved in Team Nogueira, I personally am not. They are better people physically, spiritually and emotionally from what they have learned! LOVE THIS FAMILY!!!

    Theo D.
  • The most dedicated coach team and instructor I've ever experienced after training in many schools in the US and overseas since 2001.
    They have a very organized and comprehensive program to help everyone reach their goals. Wald and his team are concerned about your improvement on a daily basis as they are attentive to details and correct eventual mistakes while you practice. They are here to help you not to train themselves for competition.
    Many other schools teach Bjj claiming to be champions but make no mistake, fighting and teaching how to fight are two very different things. Team Nogueira Wald Bloise Martial Arts skills and passion is teaching and make you a better Jiu Jitsu practitioner.

    Tarzi B.
  • Our 7-year-old daughter has been enrolled as a student for over a year. She has made impressive progress with her martial arts techniques as well as her overall physical condition. Equally important her level of maturity, self-confidence, discipline, and respect for others has grown and strengthened. We appreciate the expertise of all the coaches as well as the care and compassion with which they treat all of their students! My husband's daughter and I have been made to feel as though we’re part of an extended family and highly recommend Team Nogueira Bloise Academy!!

    Michelle C.
  • Having never done anything like this before, I was not sure what to expect.  The idea of jujitsu was a little intimidating and I didn't know much about it.  I also have a few old injuries I was worried about aggravating.  From the moment I walked in, Wald was so welcoming and made me feel very comfortable.  His entire approach to teaching is incredible. I've had more coaches, teachers, professors than I can count and without hesitation, I can say Wald is the best teacher I've ever had.  He is so positive, patient and smart.  The education he provides is so much deeper than simply going through martial arts moves.  Wald's teachings show you how to defend yourself, truly inspire self-confidence, a positive mindset and make you want to improve every day. Its so much more than what you would expect.  I highly recommend for anyone, at any age, any gender, any fitness level.  It doesn't matter.  Anyone can do this and you will feel great about yourself because of it.

    Scott D.
  • Both honored and privileged to be part of the Team Nogueira Bloise Academy. Attention to detail, safety and the common goal of striving to be a black belt in everything in life creates a natural environment of learning and a sense of belonging. Having known Master Wald for some time, I decided to embark on the journey and brought with me, my 11-year-old son and 6-year-old daughter. Coach George brings with him experience and the ability to teach alongside all the higher belts that are very involved in the teaching process. Coach Ranson is very involved with my kids and sets the tone for discipline, morals, and learning. Feel like I found a place for us to grow and learn the true fundamentals and philosophy of BJJ.

    William L.
  • I've moved around a few times over the past few years, and in that time I've trained at 4 different gyms.  This is by far the most welcoming and well-structured academy I've seen.  There is a strong sense of community in the gym, everyone is friendly and focused on helping each other get better, and Professor Wald and Coach Ransom make sure everyone is moving in the right direction.  

    A big thing for me was that there was a focus on self-defense ---a lot of gyms are just looking to send their students to competition and talk about how many points certain movements are worth.  Part of the fundamental classes here is how to protect yourself in real situations where you can't tap out and there isn't a ref there to stop the fight.  The world is a better place when you don't have to be afraid that someone might get aggressive.

    Nicholas S.
  • My six-year-old daughter loves her MMA coaches and can’t wait to go to her class every week. As a parent, it is rewarding to see my child getting excited about something which will benefit her and her future.

    Yunus Y.
  • I love training in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu with Master Wald at Team Nogueira; the classes are the best hours of my week and I always look forward to coming!
    I am a teacher and I learned about BJJ from my students who attend here. I love that along with self defense, the classes teach children respect, perseverance, strength, confidence, independence and most importantly good character.
    The adult classes are very structured and organized so you know exactly what you will be learning. I was worried it might be a little intimidating as a girl to come to a dojo, but the instructors and all of the other students are very welcoming and helpful. I've had previous injuries and some major surgeries, so I was happy to learn that Jiu-Jitsu is very safe. Master Wald makes sure that I'm comfortable with all of the exercises and moves and that I do them in a way that will prevent injury. His goal is that we all learn how to defend ourselves without getting hurt. Each move is taught in an easy to learn manner, one step at a time, ensuring that everyone has the correct method while getting plenty of practice, sparring with their partner. Every single class is motivating, and I enjoy the inspirational words of wisdom that Master Wald shares each class.
    I started classes 4 months ago and already I have a lot of confidence that I could defend myself in many different situations, because of the experiences that Master Wald, Coach Ransom and Coach Bruna have provided. If you are looking for a great place to do Martial Arts, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, or learn self defense in Jupiter or Palm Beach Gardens, I highly recommend Team Nogueira Wald Bloise Martial Arts.

    Barb B.
  • After a friend/neighbor highly recommended Team Nogueira Bloise Academy to my wife and me and we had a chance to meet the owners we signed our 5 and 8-year-old daughters up. It's been about a month and they absolutely love it as do my wife and I. They are taught so much more than the physical side of things. There are taught about honesty, trust, confidence, failing and not giving up, to eat healthy foods (they get rewarded when they do) and so so much more. It's a great positive and reassuring environment. The instructors are all friendly and helpful and know how to get down to a child's level. I (43 years old) am also beginning to take classes myself. Great for all ages, we are all very happy to have found out about Team Nogueira Bloise Academy.

    Anthony B.

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